Chapter 4. “beg on your knees, suck on your knees”

Miley pov:

today was my first day of college, I liked all my classes. Most of my professors were very cool and the people in my classes were friendly, I even had two of my old friends from back home here.

On another good note. It was also my 18th birthday.

I haven’t spoke to liam since he left,

for the past two weeks I been doing exactly what liam said. I took his dogs out to get groomed this morning. They’re so lovable and east to take care of although ziggy is the toughest. She accidently.. well purposely ate my shoe.

With the money liam left me I bought myself some clothes, it was my birthday so I wanted to spoil myself.

“throw a fucking party!” denika squeaked and pulled on my arm jumping up and down. “what the fuck? Are you crazy I cant throw a party”

“oh my god Liam isn’t even here, that house is huge and you can have the biggest party anyone at the University has ever had. You’ll instantly be the baddest bitch here”

that did sound fun, I was known for being the biggest party goer back in high school. This sounded so tempting but I needed to come up with a plan so liam could never find out I used his house for a party.

“all we need is drinks, guys and girls. There’s nothing that could go wrong babe”

I played around with my chicken salad, dragging my fork up and down the plate, I needed a decisions to me. “tonight?” I asked denika.

“yeah tonight, its Friday night, I bet no one has ever threw a party on the first day of school”

“if.. and I mean if! If throw a party, how am I going to clean it up by tomorrow? Liam might be flying in”

“I’ll stay the night and help you clean, just please please throw a party” denika was now pouting her bottom lip, making puppy dog eyes at me. I giggled and hugged her tight “ugh okay bitch but only because I wanna get you a man!” I laughed softly. For the longest time now I wanted to play matchmaker for denika, so we are going to have as many guys over at my party toinight.

I got on my knees with denika begging my best friend for alcohol

“please cheyne please!”

“why do I have to do it? I can get in trouble”

“but you’re the oldest one, the only one old enough to buy alcohol. Don’t be a dick”

“arghh.. I dont know”

“for my birthday please?” I smiled wide batting my eyelashes at cheyne. There’s no way he can turn me down.

“okay how much?”

“bring enough beer and vodka for a hundred people”

“a hundred!?” I yelled in shock at denika

“I know a lot of people okay. Relax!” this was starting to sound like a bad idea, how was I suppose to keep track of a hundred drunk people at my party, a party that was going to be held in the house of the guy that’s letting me live there for free.

Fucking my life.

After I got back to liam’s house I took his dogs out for a walk, on my way I was texting more people letting them know about my party, everyone was excited to come.

Even my ex Nick was going to show up.

“you’re such a good little boy” I picked floyd up and carried him onto my bed, petting him while I pulled out a few outfits, trying to see what I can wear tonight.

My first choice was a tight red dress, it was short and it looked amazing with my black high heels.

My second choice was a white shirt with a black leather skirt. This looked so good on me.

I grabbed the dress, I needed to look some what formal tonight.

I bit my lip and looked around, I was all alone in the house. What if I took a shower in liam’s bathroom? Would he notice?

I know this was weird, I had my own bathroom. But ever since I last saw liam naked, I couldn’t get the image out of my mind.

His body is all I think about at night when I touch myself.

“oh my god” I said softly as I turned the shower water on in his bathroom.

His bathroom was almost as big as my room. It was gold and silver, has mirrors on the ceiling. The inside of the bathroom was all marble and it was all glass, no curtains or anything to block the view from inside.

I walked around looking at all the hair products liam used.

He took care of himself quite well.

I giggled looking at the razor in the shower wall, it had hair on it. Did he shave himself down there? Or maybe his legs? Holy Christ.

I took the quickest shower of my life, it was already 8 pm and people were already on their way.

Denika got here early with cheyne, she helped me with my make up.

“are you going to bang nick tonight?”

“no way, we’re only friends now”

“he’s going to have a boner when he sees you tonight, even I would turn lesbian for you”

I giggled shaking my head, standing up and looking at myself in the mirror as denika finished.

“oh my.. wow..” I smiled wide flaunting my hands lightly on my cheeks, I never realized how good I looked until tonight, my mom didn’t like when I wore clothes like this and I’ve never done sexy make up on myself before.

“okay gather up team” I said.

I pointed at cheyne “you are in charge of no one going into any bedroom in this house”

I turned to look at denika “and I need you to make sure no one steals or pukes on anything”

“relax, tonight is going to be fun” cheyne smirked handing me a shot glass.

“bottoms up” he said.

Liam pov:

“babe get back in bed” I groaned lightly patting my hand down on the bed covers, biting my lip as I looked at Teresa putting her clothes on. “liam stop, you only want me for sex”

“and you only want me for money, aren’t we even?”

I sat up and grabbed my watch off the counter, rubbing my eyes as I laid back down. “I thought we were going to start working on our relationship again, my flight is leaving in an hour. Why cant you just spend some time with me?”

“whats there to do? All we do is fight, and have make up sex then fight again” everything was going good up until tonight, out of nowhere Teresa gets this incredible disgusting hate for me. “I just cant do this anymore liam, you’re never here for me, all you do is flying around the country. How many other girls do you sleep with?”

I got up and grabbed my shirt off the chair, shaking my head at the unbelievable thoughts she was saying. “we have no trust, we don’t have anything” I pulled my shirt on and put my watch back on my wrist.

“great so just leave like you always do, and take this” Teresa took her engagement ring off her finger and ran towards the hotel bathroom throwing it in the toilet bowl. I got up running after her “what the fuck are you doing?” I grabbed her hands puling her back. Teresa screamed as if I was hurting her, she always did this if I even laid a finger on her.

“get away from me!” she shouted and slapped me across the face. “I hate you liam., I know you always sleep around and you’re never going to change, you think you have the right to be a jerk just because you’re rich”

“so what? We’re done?” I lowered my head looking at the ring that’s still in the toilet, I wasn’t going to grab it.

“I just think.. we need a break. From all this, prove that you can change”

I felt Teresa’s hand on my shoulder, I pulled back stepping away from her and grabbing my suitcase.

“this trip was a waste of my time, I should have left days ago”

“admit it liam, you love your money more then you love me”

“that might be true” I narrowed my eyes at her, she was crazy to make these assumptions but i’m now tired of always having to defend myself for things I haven’t done.

I have cheated on the past but I have not done anything to her since then.

The good thing about being rich was that I didn’t have to wait inside an airport for my flight.

I used my private jet to get around.

“nice to see you again Mr liam, how was your trip?”

“shitty man, just get me back to the states in one piece” I smiled at the pilot, after I sat down I grabbed my phone looking at the date.

Shit it was miley’;s birthday.

I forgot to message her or send her an email wishing her a good birhday. “what time is it right now in los angeles?” I asked my assistant.

“its midnight sir”

fuck it was to late to message her, I think I will just have to surprise her when I get home.

Now that I was single, I felt like the old liam again. I did love Teresa and I still do. I guess you just cant have everything.

In the past I have cheated on her maybe every night. I took her for granted. I never felt bad though because everyone, even my family has told me that she was only with me for the money.

Being rich sucked because I never knew when someone wanted me for me or my money, but its always for the money.

I have to admit, I do get lonely. Even when I was young I didn’t grow up like everyone my age. I was to busy getting myself on top and becoming the big shot I am today.

Maybe I should start dating older woman, someone that can get on my level.

I got in my limo that was waiting for me outside the airport.

“finally” I sighed in relief as I sat down, all I wanted right now was my king sized bed and a cold glass of champagne.

I dozed off in the back seat of the limo, the only thing I heard was my driver waking me up. “looks like there’s a welcome back party going on for you Mr Hemsworth”

I sat up and rubbed my eyes, they were heavy and sleepy “what?” I said in a sleepy voice.

“the parry? Your home?” the driver stepped aside and pointed at my house.

There was about 50 people standing outside on my yard, lights and loud music blasting from inside.

If I was a superhero I would probably be the hulk, because right now I was ready to kill everyone in my house.

“get my bags and leave them inside” I said, getting out the car and walking to the house.

I looked around everywhere, I couldn’t see miley at all, guys and girls pushed up against me as they danced, everyone was drunk as hell and my house smelled like weed.

I walked to the dj that was playing the music “turn that shit off” I said

“man get the fuck out of here” the shit head said pushing my shoulder away from his booth.

“I own this fucking house and if you’re not out of here in the next five second or I will have you locked up and ass raped in prison” the guy looked at me with a shocked face, he quickly turned the music off and grabbed the microphone. “aye this party is done, everyone get out now!”

it took seconds seeing everyone rush and scream as they left the house. I never seen so many people run out at once, I was more than sure they were breaking things on their way out.

I was disgusted looking around the house.

There was beer bottles everywhere, shoes and clothes hanging from the walls. I never been this disrespected in my life.

I walked outside to the pool, seeing miley in the hot tub kissing a guy with curly hair.

I crossed my arms staring at her. Everyone else that saw me slowly walked away.

“happy birthday miley” I said.

Miley pulled away from the guy and gasped. “liam!? I can explain” miley shivered and her hands were shaking like if she just seen a ghost. “liam I was going to have all this cleaned up soon”

“get everyone out, and get yourself out”

I walked away and left to my room before I decide to kill all those damn idiots that trashed my house.

The house grew silent as I laid on my bed closing my eyes, its 3 in the morning.

I got up to check that everyone was gone. Miley was in the kitchen wiping the kitchen floor. “I thought I told you to leave” I said in my deep voice, I was still furious. This girl was out of her mind if she thinks i’m still going to let her stay here after that stunt.

“liam please” miley rubbed her arms looking at me, there was tears running down her cheeks. “I’m sorry, I really am.. please don’t kick me out, I’ve been doing everything you said. I only messed up this time”

“there’s no room here for you to mess up, grab your stuff and leave. Now before I through you out myself”

miley nodded her head and walked upstairs.

I shouted “you have 3 minutes”

I really didn’t check how long miley took, but she finally came downstairs and handed me the house key I gave her. “here you go”

I pointed to the front door “and there you go” I said.

Miley walked to the door and opened it as she walked out.

I sat on the couch of the living room, looking at my normal house again, I think miley cleaned it all up on her own. Just as I got up to walk back to my room, I heard her voice from outside the door.

“liam please, I have no where else to go. Im sorry please, i’ll get on my knees and be you if I have to”

I hated to hear people beg, it was a huge guilt trip, I didnt like feeling guilty.

I walked to the front door and opened it slowly “get inside, and get on your knees”

miley walked back inside, I took her bag from her and placed it on the table. I walked until I was in the middle of the living room, looking down at the floor. “right here” I said.

Miley nodded her head and slowly walked to me, getting on her knees.

I moved my hands down to her head pushing all her hair back off her face.

“start begging” I whispered.

“i’m sorry.. i’m sorry.. i’m so damn sorry liam” miley fluttered her eyes up at me, she continued begging as I stared into her eyes.

Slowly I unzipped my pants, tugging my pants off my hips. I kept my eyes locked on miley’s, miley kept her eyes locked on mine not looking as I pulled my cock out over the waistband of my boxers.

“you’re sorry?” I asked her. I wrapped my fingers around the width of my shaft, guiding the tip of my cock to her lips.

Miley parted her lips slowly taking the tip of my cock inside her mouth, with a slow push I felt her tongue smear around my skin, my cock immediately throbbed.

Miley spoke with her mouthful “I’m sorry”

my hand traveled to the back of miley’s head, positioning her mouth against my groin and slowly pursing every inch of my thick shaft inside her mouth.

My head naturally dipped back, releasing short breathes. “you can stay, but we’re going to have different rules”

miley nodded her head, keeping my cock in her mouth causing her lips to stroke my length in her mouth hold. She sucked slow but hard, my toes instantly curled up.

I softly grunted and gripped my fingers on her hair. “you’re to please me whenever I want, where ever I want.”

this idea was now acceptable, miley was no longer underage. She is now 18 years old, her body was about to become my sex empire.

I moaned softly as miley popped my cock out of her mouth, licking her lips around and taking my dick in her hand as she pumps me slowly up and down.

“I accept.. but what about your fiance?”

“we broke up” I grabbed miley’s hands and helped her up to her feet, I reached around her unzipping her dress from behind.

“what happened?” miley asked.

“I’ll tell you while you ride my cock upstairs. Go get in my bed now, you better be naked before I get there”

“yes sir” miley bit her lip pumping my throbbing cock in her hand one last time.